Thursday, April 1, 2010


Made a day trip to Helsinki with my friend Ene.When we arrived it was raining but later it turned into such abonny sunny spring day!Visited some exhibitions,walked around, sat in cafes- was good to be a tourist and away from work. And most important - bought mämmi for Easter- am addicted to it.....
Now back home and in the middle of awful mess in my shop- old water-pipes are changed...But in a way it is good as now changed the display in shop.


  1. no onpas hauskaa, vuoroin vieraissa, niin blogeissa kuin kaupungeissakin.
    hmm ja mämmiä, sitä täytyneekin maistaa, näin kerran vuodessa..

  2. What's mämmi? Nice Super-man;)
    Happy Easter to you too!

  3. NAM!

    bright easter to you my friend!

  4. mämmi memma, sounds great! love the name in italian sound funny :)
    it's nice to have a day off.
    the display of numbers it's amazing, it reminds me somehow the matrix!