Saturday, September 25, 2010


Saturday was really nice and very,very warm day...Downhill from now on...
Went to see the annual textile exhibition called Uphill ...These works I liked a lot...


  1. mõned nädalad tagasi käisin ka {näitusel} ja need kleidid meeldisid kohe väga... panid mõtlema

  2. me too!!!!
    lovely works!
    those "dolls" reminded me of the one i did for my grandson last X:mas- it was a furry one with my face on it.- i have always said to him that the bigger he gets the smaller i become. and that in the end he can take me in his pocket, because i´ll be small as a flea. - last year he grew taller than me- so, that´s what he got. a grannyflea :)