Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Working with porcelain after a long,long break... It is so difficult different from stoneware...First kiln was total failure...Had to throw away two weeks work...Getting better now...hope to show my new stuff soon...


  1. It was an early childhood dream to one dat work with stoneware... semms like I forgot it somewhere along the road. Can't even start to understand what you mean by hard - it all looks impossible to me. And beautiful!
    Thank you for visiting; thank you for your lovely words. This was such a scary thing to do, that I have had dreams about it all night :))) Autumn is storm, that's just how it is, and not always a bad thing.

  2. Thank you for your nice comment! I love your work!

    Next time when I am in Tallinn, I will definite visit your store!

  3. I'm sorry about the first firing being a failure, I hope the kiln cooperated the following time! Pottery is something I'd love to get into, good luck.

  4. Porcelain is always so difficult to work with...I haven´t done big things, and never with models...but keep on trying and with those "bad" ones...try to do something...

  5. hi dear friend- it all looks beautiful- i assume it´s hard work and at the same time very rewarding when it all goes well. hope that you are well and enjoying your autumn/life/work and everything!
    my computer is done and i´m taking a little break- a trip to spain with my daughter- to visit Lorca museum. so after that i buy a new one.
    see you then- take care!